We understand that securing wiring instructions, among other things, is key to avoiding massive financial losses and litigation. CloseSecure is the industry leader in protecting Title Insurance and Real Estate transactions. CloseSecure is an AFFORDABLE, EASY TO USE, and SECURE solution. CloseSecure guarantee’s secure communication between you and your customers. Whether you are communicating with Real Estate Agents, Lenders, or Buyers and Sellers, you can trust CloseSecure.


For just a few dollars you can protect yourself and your customers from hackers.  No need to enter into expensive long term contracts for message monitoring.


As easy as sending a text or email.  Simply select a file, add your parties and start securely communicating.


The technology that secures your messages is the same technology that secures banks in high risk areas around the world.


CloseSecure is fully integrated with ClosersChoice.  Now you don't have to leave your settlement platform to communicate with parties to your transaction.


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Closers Choice

Closers' Choice develops closing and title software for real estate professionals all over the Country.

Our team of developers never stop improving and streamlining the user process to make it easier and always secure.

Closers’ Choice will never be complacent. We will always strive to be the frontrunners in the closing software industry.

By expanding our services like Check Providers & Services Gateway, Closers’ Choice can offer even more to our clients to help them be more productive and successful.